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New at this, don’t know where else to put it. Am I yelling into the void? Whatevs.

An open letter to my conservative brethren:

Before I begin, let me make clear I do not believe this of all conservatives. It’s just those who seem to have taken center stage of late. I just want to clear a few things up for those of you who seem to think we liberals want to put all of our trust in the government and have them solve all of our problems while we stick our heads in the sand. That we are stupid and clueless and just don’t understand that it’s every man for himself.


Allow me to explain things from my point of view. I’ll take on the mantle of liberalism here, but clearly I’m speaking for myself.

The liberals I know are far from clueless. We know the gov’t is currently broken in so many ways, but we think the government *could* work, and could work to the greater good. But we need to wrest control from self-serving, self-enriching lobbyists and career politicians and their “advisors” and propaganda machines who care nothing about the health and well-being of this country and its constituents, and who care only about enriching themselves and their bank accounts (most likely kept offshore), and who are determined to whip up an anti-[insert-latest-hated-ethnic-group-here] war frenzy.


We end up sending our children into unnecessary wars to settle personal scores and perpetrate multibillion dollar looting to enrich the few, while torturing and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the process. Hell, we don’t even care for those kids who come back home broken and traumatized by the very wars we send them to, and from which they derive NO BENEFIT.

Along with going after the “bad guys,” (a fluid term), we bomb the innocents living in [insert-latest-demonized-foreign-country-here] to oblivion, yet we refuse to help those people displaced and victimized by those very bombs and bullets, thus fomenting even more despair and hatred and xenophobia. Can you really not see that our latest “war on terror” is a consequence wrought by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are you truly that blind? And do you not understand how this plays into the hands of those who would see this country fail?


There are better ways, more effective ways to fight. We Americans are not a stupid people. Surely we can think of something better than bombing the rest of the world into poverty, misery, hatred, and oblivion.

And [insert-latest-hated-ethnic-group-here] aside, we have plenty of urgent issues right here at home. We endanger our health and that of our children by subsidizing cheap, unhealthy processed foods, by limiting healthcare necessitated by the same, by removing any semblance of a safety net for the less fortunate, by ruining our environment and refusing to invest in clean energy because certain special interests stand to lose money and power. We end up cutting off access to reproductive choice, to affordable housing, to humane employment practices, to real and affordable and fact-based education that can lift our people from poverty and restore us to the leadership in the world we once held so dear and that we have so clearly abandoned. We have given up the so-called American Dream, all because we give our power away to corrupt and debased “leaders” and choose to succumb to FEAR.


And let’s be clear: we are GIVING our power away.

We liberals fight, not to turn a blind eye to a greedy, money-grubbing, ineffective government. We are not sheep. We fight to make our government and our country better for *all* of us, to make it work for the least *and* the most powerful, to uphold our dearest, deeply-held values as a people, and to stop the corruption and destruction spewing out of our putative leadership and elected “representatives,” and to restore our position of pride and leadership in the world at large.


Our gov’t is supposed to be for the people, by the people. And if we don’t stand up and fight for “we the people,” we will end up losing everything.

But we can’t fight this alone. I cannot for the LIFE of me understand why a certain sector of our citizenry continuously votes against their own self-interest and ultimately all of our interests. Pay attention: You are NOT being risen up into the top 1%. You are one major illness or natural disaster away from ruin. You will not win the lottery. It’s NOT going to happen. You are being squashed down into the unwashed masses just like the rest of us, and you’re HELPING IT HAPPEN. You are being exploited, and you are doing it willingly.


Is it because of candidates like Trump who appeal to our xenophobia, our racism, our primitive tribalism? Because he and his ilk and their propaganda arm invoke a sense of every man for himself? Whose bombastic bullshit gives cover to the true corrupt power structure who refuse to change course?

STOP looking through the lens of paranoia and help the rest of us make this country and this world a better place for everyone. I mean, all we really want is to live in peace, do worthwhile jobs, practice our religions (or lack thereof) undisturbed, and raise happy, healthy, successful children. That’s what we really want, right? That’s something at long last we can all agree upon, correct?


We’ve got to get started on making the world a better place and STOP this petty infighting bullshit. Or we risk annihilation as a people. Mike Huckabee and his end-of-times fervor buddies aside, our destruction is not really what we want, is it?

Your comments welcome. Thanks.

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